Available for on demand viewing: Yid Vicious at virtual Kids in the Rotunda, January 15, 2022.

Just in case you missed it, or you want to see it again, here's our popular 2021 New Year's Day "Patsch Tanz” (Clapping Dance) video.


"A kick-ass klezmer band."

       - Ari Davidow, The Klezmer Shack

 "You guys are wonderful!! You truly made my niece's wedding reception a memory that will last forever. Thank you so much for bringing such energy, talent and fun into our lives."

      - Pam R.

"Madison at its finest!"

     - Audience member, Madison Public Library performance


Yid Vicious was formed in 1995 in Madison, WI in order to ameliorate the woeful dearth of klezmer in America's otherwise pleasant heartland. Klezmer is Yiddish folk music, music for dancing and celebrating, and no band has caused more dancing and celebrating than Yid Vicious. Except Kool and the Gang, when they had that hit single about celebrating good times, come on; that caused lots of celebrating. But Yid Vicious is next, right after Kool and the Gang.

Indoors and out, at weddings, at Bat AND Bar Mitzvahs, on flatbed trucks, in ramshackle bars and luxurious ballrooms, on high festival stages and on bare sod, we've often driven crowds into flurries of freylekh-fueled dancing fury. Although our repertoire is drawn mainly from traditional secular Yiddish music, we strive to infuse the music with our collective aesthetic and experience. Rather than replicate a particular time and place, we celebrate the long-standing tradition of klezmorim incorporating new musical ideas into an organic and ever-evolving art form. Chew on THAT, Kool and the Gang!

All told, there are six members of Yid Vicious, our musical arsenal consisting of clarinets, fiddle, horn, vocals, guitar, accordion, tuba, drums and sometimes theremin. Yid Vicious, ever hungry for attention, is available for weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, anarchist picnics, seances, boat shows, clam bakes, lumberjack competitions, corporate downsizings, highland games and other events.